February Round-up

I’m back in the blogosphere and shamed to report a woeful finish-along output of only one project for February…really must try harder. It is a good one though and a project that I’ve wanted to complete for a long time, I just wasn’t confident in doing it.

This rainbow of ombre pineapple blocks has been sitting as a mini pieced flimsy for nearly three years. I couldn’t decide how to quilt it, beyond wanting the quilting to play second fiddle to the pattern created by the blocks.

A good chat with my friend Kate (@iamkatotron) yielded the perfect solution, mono-filament! Kate had just used it on a mini project of her own and so was able to give me some expert tips.

Jean-Luc (the Janome) didn’t seem to mind using it either so the quilting, which had always seemed like a massive obstacle become a really enjoyable process. I used the mono filament to do some simple ditch-stitching, which gave some subtle texture to the finished top without distracting from the pattern.

I also tried a faced binding for the first time, following a tutorial from The Silly BooDilly. I think it turned out really neat and I’d definitely try a similar finish again.

So that was it, my only finish of the month. I have made a bit of progress with my Pollinate EPP but I’ll save that for when it’s nearer to being finished.

In other news, I have probably incurred the wrath of The Committee. I’m expecting a visit from Mini Archie and his pointy stick shortly after this post is linked to this month’s Furtle Around the Blogosphere link-up party, for I have sinned and taken on a NEW PROJECT…oops.

In my defence, it’s the Alison Glass Trinket Sew Along and I love AG fabrics (my stash is testimony to this) and this pattern.

I’ve spent some time figuring out my fabric choices; beautiful bright Alison Glass prints in a mix of warm and cool colours, with some Kona solids for the background. I’ve also adapted the original quilt layout to allow me to balance out the two halves of my blocks.

The Sew Along starts officially on 10th March but I was able to make a few blocks this weekend to give myself a head start. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with this new project whilst also carrying on with my finish-along list *crosses fingers*.

I’ll leave it there and go and do some furtling around other people’s blogs. Hopefully if you come back at the beginning of April, I’ll be able to report a much more productive sewing month for March than I seem to achieved in February.

6 thoughts on “February Round-up

  1. I think you’re very fortunate that Mini Archie was called away on urgent business and so didn’t see this post when it was published. However, he is now up to date and is quietly fuming (i.e. he’s tutting quite a lot at any mention of foxes, whether they’re you or not) so I think you need to make some astounding progress with it and your FAL list before the next furtle. I love your mini and think it’s stunning. Hooray for finishes! *waves pompoms*


  2. What a stunning Pineapple quilt!!! Love the idea of the mono-filament on such an outstandingly pieced top. Well done and woo hoo on a FAL finish!

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