2019 Finish-a-long – Runners and Riders

I've spent the last couple of weeks trawling through my various sewing storage spots and hidey-holes looking for the unloved and the forgotten. I've uncovered projects that had gone awry, shelved in frustration; pieces I did to try out a new technique, then moved on from before they became a finished article; old friends who … Continue reading 2019 Finish-a-long – Runners and Riders

Down the rabbit hole

"Another social media distraction?" says the voice in my head, "Is that really a good idea?" "But it will motivate and help me keep track of my finish-a-long progress for 2019..." I reply. "And I can share tips and tutorials and stuff, share my thoughts and experiences with people, it'll be great!" "Hmmmm", the voice … Continue reading Down the rabbit hole